Help SOS Hebden Bridge

Thanks for asking… !

We operate as a core group with an outer group of supporters. Five of us organised the first demonstration on 8/1/14 outside and in the Town Hall.  We were supported by 40 other concerned residents who heard what we were planning and came to show their support.

You can definitely help enormously simply by turning up whenever we are doing a public show of concerned residents.  The next opportunity for this will be to demonstrate against the granting of an alcohol licence to Sainsbury’s, outside the Town Hall in Halifax at 1.30pm on Thursday 13th February.

You should talk to people about the Sainsbury’s plan – the more people that are aware of it and understand that supermarkets are not (at all) the best way forward for Hebden Bridge, the better.

You can volunteer to help us with leafleting throughout town, which will happen at least twice over the next couple of months.

Organise something yourself or with a friend-or-two; we don’t feel that everyone must join us.  If you’d rather be indpendent that’s probably cooler than joining us anyway.  Be creative, attract attention, don’t get caught.

Re-tweet, like and otherwise pass around our message via social media.  Use #SOSHebdenBridge.

Join our core group.  If you have a skills you think would help us in our campaign please get in touch.  We’ll ask you a few questions just to be sure you’re not a supermarket spy then probably invite you to a meeting.

Don’t delay in getting involved at any level – this first struggle against Sainsbury’s will set the tone for Hebden Bridge for the next 50 years – if we win then we may be able to resist the other supermarkets – if we lose it’ll be difficult, maybe impossible.  The final hearing for the planning permission will be towards the end of March, so even a strong commitment to help needn’t be long-term

Please use the contact form to get in touch – we are looking for ideas, volunteers, funding, alternatives, materials for banners & placards, stationery, envelopes…

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