Objection Template

Five minutes to save Hebden Bridge…

1.  Register to make comments on Calderdale’s Website – fill in your details HERE

IF YOU HAVE ANY DIFFICULTY REGISTERING ONLINE you can write directly to the case officer, Daniel Child, explaining you are having difficulties with the system and letting him know your objection.  His email is daniel.child@calderdale.gov.uk

2. Go to the  ‘planning application search‘ and look for 13/01542/FUL

3.  Where the option says ‘Commentator type’ you’ll most likely be “Member of the Public” but you may also fit other descriptions. DON”T choose “Anonymous” as this means your opinion is not take into account.

3.  To the question “Stance” be sure to click ‘Object”

3.  Copy the text below directly into the ‘comment’ box on the Calderdale website (feel free to edit to make it more personal):

I would like to object to the planning application applied for by Sainsbury’s on the grounds of traffic flow and road safety issues.  Large trucks trying to navigate the small roads around the proposed site will be a danger to pedestrians, parked cars and other traffic.  I also wish to object on the grounds of increased environmental hazard in the form of increased diesel fumes and the noises of late-night deliveries.

Finally I would also like to object to the project as i feel it will have a bad effect on the character, vibrancy and economic viability of Hebden Bridge – a town that has built its fortune and its reputation on its individuality and lack of conformity.

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