Object to Sainsbury’s Appeal

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Generic or duplicate objections get ignored by the planning team.

So please use your own words to make your points.

We’ve taken advice and the only points that will be seriously taken into account are those below.

Please also try to avoid using ‘Sainsbury’s’ because one of their defences will be that the town in ‘anti-Sainsbury’s’, when in fact we are anti-inappropriate-supermarket-in-wrong-place… rather refer to it as ‘retail development’ or simply ‘supermarket’.  Or refer to the actual developers , ‘Eshton Gregory’, who are the company that bought the old firestation and stand to make millions by selling the land to Sainsbury’s once planning permission is granted.

Its great to write what you feel in general about the wrongness of the proposed development, but its vital to pick (only) 2 or 3 of the points below and include them in your own words.

  • That a supermarket in a town centre location goes against the existing distinctive character of a settlement which successfully promotes itself as being ‘the town of little shops’ and has been recognised in recent national surveys as being one of the least ‘Clone Town’ places in the UK.
  • The environmental impact of having up to seven lorry deliveries a day to the proposed new store would be severe and considerable, given the narrowness of surrounding streets. This would be especially problematic on Market Days.
  • That the relative ugliness of previous development on the site is not grounds for claiming the need for new development.
  • That in the absence of a retail impact assessment of the proposed new store it is not possible to say how many existing jobs will be lost from current stores that would be detrimentally affected by a new supermarket and therefore the suggestion it would provide new jobs cannot be accurately measured.
  • That in the absence of a retail impact assessment it is not appropriate to claim that the proposed store would assist in enhancing ‘the vitality and viability’ of the town centre

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