Object to Sainsbury’s planning permission application

The single most effective thing we can do in this land of law-and-order is to write an objection to the planning permission application. The councils (both Hebden Bridge and Calderdale) must read and take into account every such objection.

These must be received by Friday 14th February.

The fast 5-minute Objection plan is HERE – short on time? Go straight there!

We don’t know if there is a record for the most objections to a planning permission application, but it would be ‘so Hebden Bridge’ if we could set one.

Calderdale’s guidelines on objecting are here – basically if you want to object online you need to register first, which takes a couple of minutes for an email to come back with a link to confirm your registration.

IF YOU HAVE ANY DIFFICULTY REGISTERING ONLINE you can write directly to the case officer, Daniel Child, explaining you are having difficulties with the system and letting him know your objection in full.  His email is daniel.child@calderdale.gov.uk

Next navigate your own way to “Planning » Simple Search” or return here and use THIS LINK.  Insert the reference 13/01542/FUL in the search box and you’ll find the application details.  Add your comment (and see other people’s) under the ‘comments’ tab.  Otherwise you can object by post.  If you do use the post it would be a great idea to ask for ‘proof of posting’ at the post office (costs nothing extra) and keep a copy of the letter.  They have more details on this at the above page, but basically send a letter with the above reference, your name & address to Planning Services, Northgate House, Northgate, Halifax HX1 1UN.

Whilst each objection, (as long as it is on legitimate grounds) must be taken into account, we know that individual letters are taken more seriously than copies. If you feel that you haven’t the experience or time to compose your own letter, we have composed one here for you. If you feel like being a bit more adventurous you could construct your own letter using some or all of the bullet points (in any order) , below, as a structure… and if you want to fully express yourself in your own way can we just suggest that you include at least one of the recognised reasons for legitimate objections in the upper section on the left.

It’s your participation in this that will win the day.

Reasons (to be fearful…) –

*   increased traffic problems (deliveries and customer parking)
*   loss of independent shops (unfair competition)
*   loss of local jobs
*   loss of local diversity (Hebden will become same as everywhere else)
*   historic Hebden Bridge (not in keeping with town’s character)
*   loss of local distinctiveness and the tourist trade that relies on it
*   increased noise pollution (late night deliveries, noisy customers )
*   increased environmental pollution (lorry diesel fumes, rubbish)
*   antisocial behaviour (outdoor late night & underage drinkers nearby)
*   shift shoppers’ focus away from the centre and into a residential area.
*   the emerging creative quarter would not be enriched by a supermarket.

We’ll add more ideas as they occur to us OR as you suggest them.

Only one objection per individual will be allowed.  If you are moved to do more writing for the campaign, your letter, either word-for-word, altered to fit the new addressee or totally re-written, should be sent to our MP, Craig Whittaker and to you Hebden Royd and Calderdale Councillors.  Follow the links for all the information you need.  You could also write to Sainsbury’s


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