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Your chance to have a say in Hebden Bridge’s future AND remind Sainsbury’s they are not welcome

SOS flierFor those people who are still unsure why supermarkets are bad, and why Sainsbury’s would be bad for Hebden Bridge in particular, check out the flyer below…

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SOS leaflet


Hebden Bridge Times – Front Page Article – 18/9/2014

HBT18_9_14Front and inside…



Yes, its true – Sainsbury’s application to build in Hebden Bridge was tonight refused by Calderdale Council.


While it seems likely they’ll go for an appeal, we are all very happy at this stage.  Thanks everyone for turning out and supporting us when needed, thanks for all the objection letters which definitely helped sway the decision, thanks to all the SOS crew for brilliant canvassing, flyer-and-leafleting… and thanks to the councillors who saw sense.


We are prepared to carry the fight on to Sainsbury’s and hope to get them to leave town without a fight.  Watch this space and Facebook for updates.


The meeting to discuss the application is at 6pm this coming Tuesday 16th September.  The meeting is being held at Halifax Town Hall, Crossley St, Halifax, HX1 1UJ

The Sainsbury’s application will be heard about 7pm.  Please try to be there by 6pm so there is a good throng outside the building before things start.

If you can’t make it until nearer 7 we think that’ll be ok.  We want you with us, please come along.


The Final Countdown has begun…

The planning meeting to discuss the application to build a  Sainsbury’s in Hebden Bridge will be held at Halifax Town Hall on Tuesday 16th September.

After a brief period when we thought the date would be in August, we’ve now had it confirmed (direct from the chair of the planning committee) that the actual date is 16th September.

We STILL need your support – everyone that turns up will help – its vital the council sees the overwhelming opposition that exists to this plan in Hebden Bridge.

Only one of us will be allowed to speak for 5 minutes. We hope that a large audience may influence some councillors to reject this application.

More details and travel information when we have a confirmed time.

The public and all written objectors will be formally informed on Tuesday 9th of September.
Please check the following links – we’ll keep you updated and informed: (article) (updates) (more)

If you like to dig deeper: 13/01542/FUL is the planning application number, simply enter it in the search box on the page
(There are over 30 documents connected with this application

8/8/14 – Green Party Leader, Natalie Bennett, supports SOS!!


Ralph Nimman of SOSHebdenBridge, with Natalie Bennett (middle) and Neti Blackwell

16/7/14 – Summer’s here, but we must remain ready for the committe date, when all-hands will be needed, both before and at the Town Hall in Halifax.

Our latest press release stirred-up the Hebden Bridge Times and we should feature soon. Here it is:

Press Release July 2014

Save Our Shops – Say No to Sainsbury’s

Update; Just as summer starts and we are all off on our holidays, Sainburys have finally submitted amendments to their planning application for the Old Fire Station site on Valley Road (Ref 13/01542/FUL) in Hebden Bridge. It has taken them more than 4 months to submit this information and now they are pushing for a speedy outcome.

Unforgivably, Sainsbury’s are refusing to do a Retail Impact Assessment, as requested by Calderdale Council; this would address the community’s concern over the increase in supermarket floor space within the town. This assessment is needed because the additional 450m2 of this store, added to the permission already granted for a 2,140m2  supermarket on the Browns site in Mytholm, means the town suddenly has 2,590sq.m extra retail space. A Retail impact assessment is required when there is over 2,500m2 .The whole floor area of the local Co-op is about 2,500m2. Can Hebden Bridge sustain this?

The concern is that this would cause our precious small shops – those that give the town its unique, vibrant quality, to struggle and then close.  There is a direct correspondence to the growth in supermarket activity and the decline of the British High streets. The BBC’s “Mary Queen Of Shops”, shopping expert Mary Portas, blamed supermarkets for “killing” Britain’s smaller shops and said “We’re sacrificing not just our greengrocers, our butchers and our bakers, but also our communities for convenience.” In a recent shop survey carried out by SOS Hebden Bridge, all of these local shop keepers we spoke to felt their businesses would be affected, as did most of those people asked. This is a real concern.

Added to this, Sainsburys have requested a devastating delivery routine. If the permission is granted we would be seeing an 11.2m long lorry delivering 7 times a day. The added problems a vehicle of this size would cause entering the town by the White Lion, turning over the bridge towards the town hall, where many pedestrians spill upon the street should not be underestimated. Turning up Valley road and parking opposite the colonnade of small shops. When exiting, it is proposed that 3 car parking spaces are lost on Regent Street to allow a turn back onto narrow Hangingroyd Lane, to leave the town again by the same route.

Watch this space for the date of the Committee Meeting where this will be discussed and decided. It will be on a Tuesday night at Calderdale Council in Halifax, but it has yet to be allocated a date. We hope you will come and support our campaign – SOS, Hebden Bridge.

Okestra Del Sol played a fantastic gig for us at the Trades on the 16th May, which was well attended and very much enjoyed by all… They really are quite brilliant, not just musically but also in their lively and witty stage extravaganza .
We launched the ‘Keep Hebden Funky’ campaign, which will be the ongoing educational scheme to make people more aware of how their shopping habits affect local businesses directly…. We will be looking to hold some open meeting for idea how this may happen in September.
We raised £????? After costs, so thank you to all that contributed. The money will be used towards the ongoing fight against the Sainsbury planning application and any future ‘Keep Funky’ projects.

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