No More Supermarkets in Hebden Bridge

No More Supermarkets in Hebden Bridge

We hope that the information on this website will help others protect their local trade, industry, environment and communities from the money-fuelled onslaught of the supermarkets.  We thank the other people running brilliant and informative websites (linked to and referenced in our site) for providing us with the facts and figures to help inform our town of the truth in economic terms about the devastation supermarket trade brings to an area.

We have shown that Supermarkets can be beaten and they don’t have an automatic right to come to our (or your) town,

We stand as part of a great community of people who are about doing the right thing for the planet, the right thing for people locally and globally, and whatever we can towards ‘profit’ being about community benefit not corporate riches!”
Our Archive starts here… and goes backwards in time through the fight…

Whilst the Developer is going for a Judicial Review the fight goes on.

We are currently lacking a website guru so we’d like to apologise for the fact the webpages haven’t been updated for some time. If you’d like to volunteer to help us with this please get in touch.  Otherwise check out our sister site on Facebook for up-to-the-minute info.  Thanks.


Dear Supporters,

Sainsbury’s don’t give a hoot.  Its official.  Despite all our best efforts and the overwhelming support that the campaign has experienced… despite Hebden Royd Town Council AND Calderdale Borough Council both rejecting he supermarket’s plan… without public consultation, a retail impact analysis or any understanding of our unique town… Sainsbury’s have lodged an appeal and are going to fight us all so they can build their unwanted store in the heart of our community.
But they haven’t beaten us yet and we’re not going to make it easy for them.

If you’ve objected before you have the opportunity to object again – and if you missed out before, please make the effort this time

The appeal process is entirely a paper exercise, there’s no public meeting or consultation.  Only objections in writing will be accepted.

The only way to object is in writing OR via an online processplease follow this link and we’ll guide you through it.


The Story So Far…

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